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How we are able to bring the most convenient parking experience for less than your neighborhood garage?

General Questions

Where do you park my car?

We park your car with one of the various parking garages we utilize throughout the NYC area. No matter which garage partner, it is a secure area guarded by valet personnel and security staff at all times.

How does it work?

From our app, simply select your destination on the map screen and request a valet. Our valet will head to your destination and meet you there for parking. For car return, it is just as simple. No need for cash, you can even tip right from the app.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, for each friend you refer as new customer, you get $100 off your bill, after the new customer has stayed with us for one full month. Your friend also gets $100 off their bill AFTER they have stayed one full month.

Do you charge a SUV fee?

For large SUVs, we charge $75 extra per month (typical NYC garages charge $100 to $125 a month for SUV!) Note, all prices are subject to change.

I heard I can get add-on services with parking, what do you offer?

Yes! You can order a car wash, fuel top-off, or you can have us take your car for a NY State car inspection. Depending on the plan you have, the cost is included in Premium and Bespoke Plans.

This sounds too good to be true! How do you do it?

Magic! Seriously, we are disrupting the parking industry by bringing the best parking experience at a competitive price. We do that by parking your car at current existing garages that have vacancies and are not in center business districts.

Are you insured?

Valet Anywhere provides auto liability insurance that covers up to $1 million per occurrence for third party property damage and/or third party bodily injury claims that arise under the care, custody, and control of Valet Anywhere’s drivers. A separate property damage coverage limit of $1,000,000 is provided for your car should your car be damaged while in Valet Anywhere’s care, custody, and control. As with any insurance policy, additional insurance terms, limitations, and exclusions apply.

We are not responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of, personal belongings left in the car. We are also not responsible for any damage to the interior of the car. Please ensure that you remove any personal belongings from the car before using Valet Anywhere service. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please don’t leave any valuables in your car.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 14 days notice that you will be canceling our service. If you cancel after your bill date, no refund can be given since parking spaces are prepaid. To start the cancellation process, please fill out our cancellation form.

If your car was assigned a garage keycard and it is not returned to us, there will be an additional $40 fee for a replacement card.

Will you ever raise prices?

We strive to be competitive with market parking rates. As market price for parking shift (mostly up), we will review our prices accordingly.

What device do you support for your app?

We support iPhone iOS 7.1 or higher and Android OS 4.4 and higher.

I understand I get certain number of drop-offs and returns each month (depending on the plans we have), what if I need more?

If you need MORE than the allowed drop-off/returns in a month, we will invoice $30 for Premium plan, $40 for Storage plan for each additional round trip (drop-off + return). Note, all prices and fees are subject to change.

Add-on Service Questions

How much does inspection cost?

If you have Premium or Bespoke plan, we do not charge additional service fee for bring your car for inspection. You still have to pay all the necessary charges from NY State for the inspection. Note, all prices and fees are subject to change.

How much does full-service car wash cost?

Currently, we charge $20 for sedan and $25 for SUV. Note, all prices and fees are subject to change.

How much does fuel top-off cost?

Currently, we charge $7 service charge for bringing your car to get gas. You still pay for cost of the gas. Note, all prices and fees are subject to change.

How does airport service work and how much does it cost?

For departure and arrival flights to and from JFK or LGA, you can use Valet Anywhere Airport Valet Service. First, we drive your car from our garage to meet you. Our driver will then ride with you to the airport terminal where you need to check in at. From there, the valet will return your car back to the garage. For arrivals, the system works similarly. Our driver will drive your car from the garage to the terminal where you are arriving and drop the car to you. Our driver will then ride with you back to your apartment or office. Our valet will then return the car back to the garage from your home or office. Please note, all prices and fees are subject to change.